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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Have a lovely evening tonight, and may all your wishes come true in 2013. Be kind to each other and yourself, remember to always play with and enjoy your unique never know where you might find yourself!
All the very best for the brand new year and the adventures you will have...until next year....xxxx

Monday, December 10, 2012

What a fabulous month! We love December. So much going little time, and always very memorable.
We love the school concert circuit, the shopping frenzy, the roller coaster of parties, picnics, play dates and peacefully afternoons together. Christmas is so multi-faceted, so joyous, and at times, so frenetic!
Christmas is about new life, about children and magic. Let's relax, breath and remember the reason we join together with friends and family at the end of each year. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas midnight?

How do you and your family celebrate Christmas?
Is is the hot, old fashioned sit down dinner? Or do you go for the fresh BBQ and salad approach? There is so much information about how to cook, what to cook, entertaining advice at this time of the's easy to feel a little like an incomplete domestic goddess? Or is it? So many options....

I do like to involve the children though.

 BUT, when I may have changed my tune after I was shopping for the usual fruit, veg, milk, crackers etc the other day with Miss Four. 
At the end of the shopping  (pre-Christmas madness with a young child) experience (and yes, it was one....) I left the supermarket well over $100 lighter, truly interrogated by Christmas questions, carrying a "make-it-yourself" Gingerbread Train, tinsel, boxes of baubles and several small candy canes. She was very excited about the Christmas treats and gifts (and love) we were soon to create back at home!
She was tickled pink, but I think between now and 25th December I will shop alone, close to midnight, to avoid queues, questions and general Christmas chaos.

It is all fun, what a wonderful time of the year to be a mum really!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fruits of YOUR season

Summer fruits, blossoms and flowers are what make this time of the year so stunning. To add to the magical warmth and wonderment in the air this season, nature provides so beautifully for us and our families.
Why not take time out this weekend to have a walk through the bush, along the beach or the countryside, smell the air and press the family "refresh" button!
It is easy to get swept up in the excitement of this time of the year, play it cool, breath and remember what is most important to your children and YOURSELF  this season.xx

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Keeping little ones occupied is sometime difficult? As we move toward the Christmas period, and attention spans are wavering, many parent may turn to "the box" to keep children busy, occupied and QUIET!

So I researched the topic and founds some interesting tips and stats...

Most child development experts recommend limiting children’s daily "screen time" no more than two hours a day for children over five. Screen time includes TV, DVD and computer time.
This is for the following reasons:
  • The time children spend watching TV should be balanced with activities that are good for their development. These include active play, creative play (such as solving puzzles and drawing), sport and conversation with family and friends.
  • Children can become too reliant on TV for ‘something to do’.
  • Even having a TV on in the background affects children’s concentration.
A good balance of developmental activities with homework, sport and music should leave little time for TV.

For younger children....

Many young children will have some exposure to TV. That’s OK – but it’s also a good idea to put some thought into how your child interacts with the TV.
Programs that are classified ‘C’ are made specially for your child’s age group. You can check out programs before you let your child watch them, and encourage your child to choose and watch only a few favourites. You might also buy some suitable DVDs. 
When you watch TV with your child, you can explain what’s happening and respond to your child’s reactions. You can also point out when characters behave in good and not-so-good ways. Watching together might even give you ideas for other activities.
  • When you’re choosing TV or DVD programs for your school-age child, it’s a good idea to avoid the following:
  • scary images. School-age children are getting better at processing scary or sad images, but they might still be upset by movies or programs showing the death of a parent or threats to children and animals
  • violent content. Children in this age group might imitate violent behaviour if they see their TV heroes using violence to get what they want. This is true for cartoons and live-action shows
  • TV news. Children at school are old enough to understand that things on the news are real. Reports of natural disasters and violent crimes, especially in familiar settings, can make them feel unsafe. Some parents prefer to record the news and watch it later, or watch a late bulletin
  • advertising. School-age children are likely to believe the things ads tell them and will want to buy the products they see. Children are especially vulnerable to ads that tell them certain products will help them be popular and successful. 
  •  visit  (reference of this information).
So, everything  moderation is the key. Keep children busy with sport,  plays at the park and imaginary play at home. And remember to make them a part of the Christmas "action", give them a job or a role, keep them  thinking and busy.....
Through many years of experience during the months of November and December, I would have to say the best way to keep children QUIET, is to tire them out with mental engagement  fresh air, exercise and FUN, so they slumber soundly! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween, Christmas and shopping centre confusion!

This morning was an interesting time (warp) ....Miss Four was convinced we could still go Trick or Treating this weekend as some of our "Halloween Happy" neighbours had not yet taken down their spider weds, carved pumpkins and scary decorations....."But is it still Halloween mummy"?....
No, that was the other day......and "we" are still eating chocolate for breakfast!

Then we go to our local shopping centre, and guess what....we are greeted by Christmas decorations  swaying from the ceiling, Christmas carols singing through the AV system, and then....a huge decorated Christmas tree awaits us, at the end of the passage.

"Is it Christmas now mummy?"......Oh, how confusing.....yet very exciting.

How do we contain the enthusiasm for another eight weeks or so! xxx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Term Four celebrations are so much fun!

Term Four, already?? How many days until, oh, no the "C-Mas" word.....

My children are preoccupied with Halloween right now... the build up, the costume, the road map, the gaggle of friends, etc etc....From fairy dresses, princess ball gowns, to white witches, and  Frankenstein, my children delight in the preparation of Halloween, every year.

Much like the lead up to C*Ri#tm*a Day - dare I say it....... how many days until Santa prepares his arrival? 

From now on in, Term Four will "melt" away, with a long series of concerts, fun days, school excursions and parties, parties, parties.....
Lets face it, between the crazy-busy-"where did the year go" is a really FUN time of the year. And summer is around the corner too.  Enjoy the colour, the sun and the sweetness....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

School returns, alarm clocks start to sing

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend Pink Poppys!
Does next week mark the return to school?
Perhaps our Pink Poppy parents may find they have a little more time to think and reflect? Enjoy every adorable moment this weekend, before the Monday morning alarm clock starts to sing xx

Monday, October 1, 2012

TONO is our favourite little brother!

When one thinks of Pink Poppy, our thoughts turn to pink, pretty, girly goods which shine and shimmer! The little brother brand TONO to Pink Poppy, is a quiet(ish) kept secret, like most little  brothers, tend to shy away from the limelight!
So, here it is TONO.... it's your time to shine as a brother and as great gift range for little boys. From pirates, underwater adventure and prehistoric dinosaurs designs, TONO is the best go-to brand when your thoughts go out to the little brother in your family or circle of friends!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Holidays with your little Pink Poppy

How are your end of terms nerves going? Are you little ones a little tired, frazzled, ready for a break? What to do in the school holidays is the question that runs through parents minds at this time of the term....hhhmmm.
Let's all hope for sunny weather, that makes any decision a lot easier to make!
Enjoy the rest in your routine and let the sunshine in, all term break long....
Tell us your holiday plans, or make a comment via our facebook page,

Friday, September 14, 2012

Necklaces, preschool and the age of innocence

How is it that some children look so perfectly dressed and accessorized, effortlessly...everyday? I was visiting my daughters preschool today...just visiting, hanging out with a bunch of four year olds for a lovely relaxed hour.

I got a snapshot into why my child  asks everyday "is it preschool today?". The fun they have, the little conversations they attach themselves into, it is all so cute, so adorably delicious!

One little girl really caught my eye. She was dressed beautifully, so well "put together". The most stunning feature of her outfit was the gorgeous necklace (pictured above) lightly adorning her neck line. This set off her metallic silver knit and lightly coloured leggings, perfectly. The most beautiful part about it was, as she  painted and drew in her lovely preschool world, she was blissfully unaware of what she looked like. Happily content, being her! The innocence of our little girls is worth bottling x

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dressing up and having fairy fun

What is your idea of the perfect day?
Mine would be a sleep in (most important!), a healthy breakfast, a Pilates class + water based activity / exercise , a blow-dry and mani/pedi /facial, purchasing a stunning new DRESS that fits like a glove etc.... followed by a long lunch, great conversation, an afternoon siesta, later on a relaxing dinner with my partner/friends/relatives....That is it, a simple day... I WISH!!!!
My daughter, the preschooler, has a very different idea of her ideal day..... firstly she would wake up the entire family at about 5.28am, asking me countless times "What's on today mum?"...
She would then set out to change her outfit about four times, before breakfast, before deciding on the most precious, "special occasion" fairy dress up frock...we fight about the preciousness of it, and how its not suitable for preschool etc etc....
And its only 8.15am!!
She finally toddles cheerfully off to preschool, in THE best, most precious dress, as I am over the confrontations!

"At the end of the day", it is all about dressing up and having fairy fun, for my daughter and me (in my dreams!). One day I wont have a say in what she wears....and as a mother I delight in every day, ideal or not!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spring into Summer fun with Pink Poppy!

As the temperatures start to climb, and the air is a little dryer, sweeter and summery, isn't it lovely to know that its a long nine months until winter strikes again. On that note, by the end of each season, its a lovely reassurance  to know, that nothing lasts forever! As spring turns to summer, it is time to start  thinking summer fashion, new beach outfit, sunglasses, hats and accessories! Fun in the sun, its not forever, but we can certainly  bask in each Australian season, whatever temperature and feeling it brings!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time for nail polish & pretty thongs Pink Poppy Princesses

What a weekend ahead, Fathers Day AND the first day of spring! Time to dust off your tongs and paint your toe nails pretty Pink Poppy's Princesses, and be sure to cook breakfast for your DAD this Sunday! 

Thursday morning - Miss Four is so excited about Fathers Day this Sunday, she couldn't keep the hand made gift she created at preschool a secret... any longer. 
"Daddy" and I were awoken at 5.15am this morning, as our little lady clambered into our bed, with her gingerbread "daddy" and hand crafted card! 
Ahh, the sheer delight and love children find in each and everyday, especially when there is a celebration imminent!!
Happy Spring to all x

Pink Poppy wishes a Happy Fathers Day to all the beautiful boys in your world 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Are the flower blossoms playing fairy tricks on us?

The aromatic, white and wonderfully gorgeous jasmine flowers are starting the peak their faces out in my neighbourhood....buts it's still technically winter, isn't it?
Are the flowers confused, or is it mother nature, or are we all to rigid about times, dates and season as the children of this crazy place we call planet earth!
I love this time of the year, when the seasons meld into one, one any given day.
We can wake up to warm blue skies in the morning, and by lunch its teaming with rain and night time brings a gusty gale, ready to blow all the petals off the recently blooming magnolias!

Imagine being a butterfly in this weather?......

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun and games with Pink Poppy, every day

Are you and your preschooler looking for some fun games to play this week? Pink Poppy can assist. Try the new Pink Poppy Snap Card Game, with gorgeous characters to pair up. Perfect for increasing memory and improving concentration with your little fairies!
How much fun it is when you and your little one play a game together, share a giggle and grin? Children love it when you get down, on "their" level, and absorb yourself in their world. 
The best tip someone gave me, early on in the child - rearing phase...its always a happy ending, when your little one comes out the "winner". 

Winners are grinners, and the grin we enjoy together is worth it, every time we play.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How many hair clips, ribbons, hair bands...?

"How many hair bands, hair clips, ribbons, plaits, twists and crimps can you fit into and onto your head?"... I ask Miss Four this morning as she prepares for another BIG beautiful day at preschool! 
What a sight. The school photos were last week. 
"The photographer may visit again today...?" I can almost hear her thinking....
 How wonderful are little girls? 
Sugar and mischievous fairy spice, that's what my little girl is made of, most days!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do you know someone, under the age of seven years old, who is quite emphatic about wearing their favorite dress up to bed?
I do....Although I give her many reasons why she "shouldn't'" wear her beautiful lacy, sequinned detailed fairy dress and tight leather ballet shoes to bed....she will not listen. Most nights, admittedly, I give in!
Whats the worst that can happen?
1) She will wake up with sweaty feet from the ballet slippers donning her feet all?
2) Her fav outfit will be creased beyond repair from the extra hot setting on the iron?
The worst case scenario for her, me and the rest of the family is....
3) The tightness and tautness of her numerous layers will eventually wake her up and she will come stumbling into MY bed, eventually waking me, and the battle begins once more about where she is going to resettle herself, for the rest of the night - fairy dress, ballet slippers and all!

At the end of the day (or night!!), we LOVE them, as much as they love their  dress up's and ballet shoes!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

So, I ask my four year old maiden princess, after a big day of fun and fantasy at her gorgeous preschool..."What shall I write today on the Pink Poppy blog?".....
Her answer is "I told you last time mum, we LOVE Pink Poppy".
Her sentence was loud and clear. She expressed simple, pure LOVE for an Australian brand which brings inspiration, imagination and hours of enjoyment to my Miss Four, along will many thousands of other little Pink Poppy princesses around the globe! It's amazing what a name can represent, and how many synonyms spring to mind for little (and big) fairy princesses, when Pink Poppy is mentioned!
Thanks Pink Poppy for delighting us each month with new and amazing Australian designed accessories and garments, quality made with love and wonderment!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


The new range of PRINCESS ROSE BUD DRESS UPS, available three different shades; dashingly delightful HOT PINK, equally beautiful and eye catching PALE PINK and lovely LILAC are sure to tickle PINK this spring! This new range of DRESS UP’S complete with matching accessories including Petticoat hoops (for the extra TWIRL factor!), handbags, purses and wings are the ultimate addition to your little princesses spring wardrobe!  Another stunning new range Pink Poppy is pleased to announce is their new FAIRY PIXIE RANGE! Available in HOT PINK, PALE PINK, LILAC tones, this range is also now available in a RAINBOW version.

 Watch out, as the DANCING FAIRY range is launching soon too! Many more little magical movements will be coming to a home, preschool or shopping centre near you, as your little dancing fairy creates her choreography! Available in HOT PINK and PALE PINK, be sure to keep an eye out for the match accessories, including WINGS, HANDBAGS and PURSES. 

Stunning and simply MAGIC xx
Dancing Fairy range in HOT PINK 

Princess Rose Bud Dress up range in LILAC 

Fairy Pixie Range in RAINBOW 

Friday, August 3, 2012

What's on this weekend? .....Perhaps a Fairy party? A Wedding? Or even a Christening?
Little girls don't REALLY need an excuse to dress up, do they? Our "Pink Poppy inspired" Miss 4 ventured off everyday this week in a different frilly, beaded, colourfully  flowing outfit, fit for a princess. In fact the praise and commentary which accompanied each outfit was, at times, overwhelming! Which made me realize, innocence is SO sweet. Our little girls don't dress up to impress, or to delight anyone else except themselves, in their own make-believe worlds of sugar, spice and all things nice - THAT'S what makes our little girls so SWEET....Enjoy your weekend with your little princess in what ever outfit she selects!

Contemplating another change, and its only 8.45am! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How's the Olympic spirit in your home? Are your little inspired "sporty" girls and boys enjoying what they see, and learn from the Olympic Games in London? What is to be admired most is the sheer determination, and willingness of the young athletes, from all over the world, who are challenging themselves and doing their own personal bests!
What does this type of worldwide event teach the toddlers, preschoolers and children of today, who will become the leaders, achievers and learners of tomorrow......?
Is our world becoming too competitive? Or is competition healthy? What do we learn from competition?  Someone once said to me, "There will always be someone smarter, stronger and taller, than yourself, and there will also be someone not as smart, weaker and shorter than yourself".
I figure, what I am trying to express here is;  to succeed  in life, whether you are at the Olympic Games, the school athletics carnival, or playing tip in the back yard, is to ENJOY it, and to do you personal best.
The Team at Pink Poppy loves to hear stories of personal bests, achievements and creative ways to succeed in life! Stay inspired, and best of all true to yourself......xx

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Whats your favourite colour I ask my favourite four year girl? "PINK" she exclaims, whilst smiling her sunny smile!
Why do girls love the colour pink? Why are all baby girls clothes almost ALWAYS exclusively pink?
It almost an instinctual could be named the "pink instinct"...!  

When thinking PINK, I reflect on my beautifully wise grandmother, who was famous for saying; "Men, please leave one colour for the girls". She was obviously not a fan of a man in a pink shirt, or a pink tie! 

Come on girls, lets celebrate, rejoice in fact, in the colour pink, today and everyday!

I was out wondering around with my little ladies over the weekend, as we stumbled upon a stunning
Pink Poppy display,  inspiration for today post!

As  preschool, school and work approaches this Sunday night, the question is how many hair pins can you  place into your luscious  locks? The latest (and lovely) craze we have noticed with younger ladies at the mo, is the "multi-clipped look". This look is so pretty, and displays quite an art of strategic insertion!!  The more clips, the
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday is here, the end of a lovely  "Back to school" week! How were your new term "hair styles"? Looking for more inspiration? Why not check out the latest new hair accessories from Pink Poppy this weekend. They are ideal for party gifts, school performances and keeping you hair looking pretty, always.
Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Should kids wear their dress up costume outside of the house?

When I was little girl, my favourite character to dress up as was Belle from Disney’s ‘Beauty & The Beast’. Her hair was oh so perfect and who could forgot that beautiful signature yellow ball gown she wore when Belle dances with The Beast? After watching that movie in the cinemas with eyes wide open and gleaming, I couldn’t help nagging my mother to buy me a yellow dress. But not any yellow dress, the big golden ball gown dress! Just like Belle.

My mother look far and wide to find this perfect ball gown...and lucky me, she found it! All my dreams and wishes came true. Day after day, weeks and possibly months went on and I wasn’t budging out of that beautiful yellow ball gown dress. Grocery shopping at the local supermarket, family gatherings and even heading down to the hardware store with my father. It didn’t matter, I simply loved this dress and I wasn’t prepared to get out of it any time soon!  I don’t know what it was that I LOVED about this dress. Yellow wasn’t my favourite colour and I wasn’t a big fan of outfits made from that terrible taffeta material either.

I think I was mesmerised by this dress purely for the fact on how beautiful Belle looked in it. It made her feel like a princess! I wanted to look and feel like a princess too!  I guess all women have dreamt of living and looking like a princess as well. Having the perfect hair, flawless make up and amazing clothes to wear.

But my question, and reason behind this post is How far is too far with dressing up OUTSIDE of the House?

For example, is it okay to have your child dress up in their favourite princess or fairy outfit down at the local shopping centre?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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