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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Term Four celebrations are so much fun!

Term Four, already?? How many days until, oh, no the "C-Mas" word.....

My children are preoccupied with Halloween right now... the build up, the costume, the road map, the gaggle of friends, etc etc....From fairy dresses, princess ball gowns, to white witches, and  Frankenstein, my children delight in the preparation of Halloween, every year.

Much like the lead up to C*Ri#tm*a Day - dare I say it....... how many days until Santa prepares his arrival? 

From now on in, Term Four will "melt" away, with a long series of concerts, fun days, school excursions and parties, parties, parties.....
Lets face it, between the crazy-busy-"where did the year go" is a really FUN time of the year. And summer is around the corner too.  Enjoy the colour, the sun and the sweetness....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

School returns, alarm clocks start to sing

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend Pink Poppys!
Does next week mark the return to school?
Perhaps our Pink Poppy parents may find they have a little more time to think and reflect? Enjoy every adorable moment this weekend, before the Monday morning alarm clock starts to sing xx

Monday, October 1, 2012

TONO is our favourite little brother!

When one thinks of Pink Poppy, our thoughts turn to pink, pretty, girly goods which shine and shimmer! The little brother brand TONO to Pink Poppy, is a quiet(ish) kept secret, like most little  brothers, tend to shy away from the limelight!
So, here it is TONO.... it's your time to shine as a brother and as great gift range for little boys. From pirates, underwater adventure and prehistoric dinosaurs designs, TONO is the best go-to brand when your thoughts go out to the little brother in your family or circle of friends!