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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Pink Poppy Colouring In Competition has now CLOSED. 

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more competition updates, in the future!....xx 

If there is one thing that settles a small group of gorgeous, gregarious girls down - its a packet of sparkly pens and pencils and a delightful colouring in sheet! This is a PERFECT way to start a party, as your pint-sized guest start to arrive.....It is a good neutral "leveler" - where little ones can focus on their job, whilst being part of a larger, laughing group! Colouring In is a great activity and development tool for young children. It can promote self confidence and creativity, whilst giving children the freedom to "do their own thing", within the printed lines. Dots, stripes, shapes and splodges all "work" - when you're colouring in! Why not encourage your little Pink Poppy's to experiment with colour, whilst increasing their hand-eye co-ordination and limitless creativity these holidays! Have FUN!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do you have a family pet? What is it? A dog, a cat, perhaps a chicken or a bird? Do your children long for an usual pet? A pet crocodile? A pet turtle, a pig or a donkey?
Kids learn a lot from animals. No matter how small they are (goldfish still have needs!). The learn to nurture, feed, clean and care for another being. They become responsible for another living creature. The can build up a friendship and a fun loving emotional bond, with this animal. 
Teaching children, from an early age, to care for something other than themselves is invaluable. Much like older siblings, who often have an inbuilt nurturing ability. Being a part of a caring and considerate family and community - as a child - builds amazing adults......and pet owners for years to come. Enjoy you children, your family,
your pets and your community!.....xx

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Do you like to make or buy your cakes and treats for kids parties and special occasions?
Interestingly, many Australian families are getting into the baking phenomena, inspired by the latest craze of cooking and baking shows! How do you celebrate a family members birthday? Do you have several cakes - to cater to everyone's tastes - gluten-free, egg-free, or simply doesn't-like-pavlova, nut and / or chocolate allergy, etc etc....The CAKE is always the focal point of the party! Whats you favourite birthday cake? 
Yes, Pink Poppy's, we all can have our fav cake, and eat it too!.......Happy Birthday to those born in JUNE xx

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Holiday dreaming......
Are you dreaming of your next holiday?
Are you spending time thinking about the cooler, crisp-air, cold climate holidays verses the warmer, tropical paradises you and your family could be enjoying?
What appeals to your family when it comes to breaking away from the ordinary? Is there a "me-time" factored into your holidays plans or is it just all about the children?
Whether your daydreaming, day tripping or taking a large amount of "time-out" this season - make sure it is suitable for YOU and you FAMILY. 

Happy kids = happy parents = happy holiday!!