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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How's the Olympic spirit in your home? Are your little inspired "sporty" girls and boys enjoying what they see, and learn from the Olympic Games in London? What is to be admired most is the sheer determination, and willingness of the young athletes, from all over the world, who are challenging themselves and doing their own personal bests!
What does this type of worldwide event teach the toddlers, preschoolers and children of today, who will become the leaders, achievers and learners of tomorrow......?
Is our world becoming too competitive? Or is competition healthy? What do we learn from competition?  Someone once said to me, "There will always be someone smarter, stronger and taller, than yourself, and there will also be someone not as smart, weaker and shorter than yourself".
I figure, what I am trying to express here is;  to succeed  in life, whether you are at the Olympic Games, the school athletics carnival, or playing tip in the back yard, is to ENJOY it, and to do you personal best.
The Team at Pink Poppy loves to hear stories of personal bests, achievements and creative ways to succeed in life! Stay inspired, and best of all true to yourself......xx

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Whats your favourite colour I ask my favourite four year girl? "PINK" she exclaims, whilst smiling her sunny smile!
Why do girls love the colour pink? Why are all baby girls clothes almost ALWAYS exclusively pink?
It almost an instinctual could be named the "pink instinct"...!  

When thinking PINK, I reflect on my beautifully wise grandmother, who was famous for saying; "Men, please leave one colour for the girls". She was obviously not a fan of a man in a pink shirt, or a pink tie! 

Come on girls, lets celebrate, rejoice in fact, in the colour pink, today and everyday!

I was out wondering around with my little ladies over the weekend, as we stumbled upon a stunning
Pink Poppy display,  inspiration for today post!

As  preschool, school and work approaches this Sunday night, the question is how many hair pins can you  place into your luscious  locks? The latest (and lovely) craze we have noticed with younger ladies at the mo, is the "multi-clipped look". This look is so pretty, and displays quite an art of strategic insertion!!  The more clips, the
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday is here, the end of a lovely  "Back to school" week! How were your new term "hair styles"? Looking for more inspiration? Why not check out the latest new hair accessories from Pink Poppy this weekend. They are ideal for party gifts, school performances and keeping you hair looking pretty, always.
Enjoy your weekend!