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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Holidays with your little Pink Poppy

How are your end of terms nerves going? Are you little ones a little tired, frazzled, ready for a break? What to do in the school holidays is the question that runs through parents minds at this time of the term....hhhmmm.
Let's all hope for sunny weather, that makes any decision a lot easier to make!
Enjoy the rest in your routine and let the sunshine in, all term break long....
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Necklaces, preschool and the age of innocence

How is it that some children look so perfectly dressed and accessorized, effortlessly...everyday? I was visiting my daughters preschool today...just visiting, hanging out with a bunch of four year olds for a lovely relaxed hour.

I got a snapshot into why my child  asks everyday "is it preschool today?". The fun they have, the little conversations they attach themselves into, it is all so cute, so adorably delicious!

One little girl really caught my eye. She was dressed beautifully, so well "put together". The most stunning feature of her outfit was the gorgeous necklace (pictured above) lightly adorning her neck line. This set off her metallic silver knit and lightly coloured leggings, perfectly. The most beautiful part about it was, as she  painted and drew in her lovely preschool world, she was blissfully unaware of what she looked like. Happily content, being her! The innocence of our little girls is worth bottling x

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dressing up and having fairy fun

What is your idea of the perfect day?
Mine would be a sleep in (most important!), a healthy breakfast, a Pilates class + water based activity / exercise , a blow-dry and mani/pedi /facial, purchasing a stunning new DRESS that fits like a glove etc.... followed by a long lunch, great conversation, an afternoon siesta, later on a relaxing dinner with my partner/friends/relatives....That is it, a simple day... I WISH!!!!
My daughter, the preschooler, has a very different idea of her ideal day..... firstly she would wake up the entire family at about 5.28am, asking me countless times "What's on today mum?"...
She would then set out to change her outfit about four times, before breakfast, before deciding on the most precious, "special occasion" fairy dress up frock...we fight about the preciousness of it, and how its not suitable for preschool etc etc....
And its only 8.15am!!
She finally toddles cheerfully off to preschool, in THE best, most precious dress, as I am over the confrontations!

"At the end of the day", it is all about dressing up and having fairy fun, for my daughter and me (in my dreams!). One day I wont have a say in what she wears....and as a mother I delight in every day, ideal or not!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spring into Summer fun with Pink Poppy!

As the temperatures start to climb, and the air is a little dryer, sweeter and summery, isn't it lovely to know that its a long nine months until winter strikes again. On that note, by the end of each season, its a lovely reassurance  to know, that nothing lasts forever! As spring turns to summer, it is time to start  thinking summer fashion, new beach outfit, sunglasses, hats and accessories! Fun in the sun, its not forever, but we can certainly  bask in each Australian season, whatever temperature and feeling it brings!