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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do you have a family pet? What is it? A dog, a cat, perhaps a chicken or a bird? Do your children long for an usual pet? A pet crocodile? A pet turtle, a pig or a donkey?
Kids learn a lot from animals. No matter how small they are (goldfish still have needs!). The learn to nurture, feed, clean and care for another being. They become responsible for another living creature. The can build up a friendship and a fun loving emotional bond, with this animal. 
Teaching children, from an early age, to care for something other than themselves is invaluable. Much like older siblings, who often have an inbuilt nurturing ability. Being a part of a caring and considerate family and community - as a child - builds amazing adults......and pet owners for years to come. Enjoy you children, your family,
your pets and your community!.....xx

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