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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time for nail polish & pretty thongs Pink Poppy Princesses

What a weekend ahead, Fathers Day AND the first day of spring! Time to dust off your tongs and paint your toe nails pretty Pink Poppy's Princesses, and be sure to cook breakfast for your DAD this Sunday! 

Thursday morning - Miss Four is so excited about Fathers Day this Sunday, she couldn't keep the hand made gift she created at preschool a secret... any longer. 
"Daddy" and I were awoken at 5.15am this morning, as our little lady clambered into our bed, with her gingerbread "daddy" and hand crafted card! 
Ahh, the sheer delight and love children find in each and everyday, especially when there is a celebration imminent!!
Happy Spring to all x

Pink Poppy wishes a Happy Fathers Day to all the beautiful boys in your world 

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