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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Should kids wear their dress up costume outside of the house?

When I was little girl, my favourite character to dress up as was Belle from Disney’s ‘Beauty & The Beast’. Her hair was oh so perfect and who could forgot that beautiful signature yellow ball gown she wore when Belle dances with The Beast? After watching that movie in the cinemas with eyes wide open and gleaming, I couldn’t help nagging my mother to buy me a yellow dress. But not any yellow dress, the big golden ball gown dress! Just like Belle.

My mother look far and wide to find this perfect ball gown...and lucky me, she found it! All my dreams and wishes came true. Day after day, weeks and possibly months went on and I wasn’t budging out of that beautiful yellow ball gown dress. Grocery shopping at the local supermarket, family gatherings and even heading down to the hardware store with my father. It didn’t matter, I simply loved this dress and I wasn’t prepared to get out of it any time soon!  I don’t know what it was that I LOVED about this dress. Yellow wasn’t my favourite colour and I wasn’t a big fan of outfits made from that terrible taffeta material either.

I think I was mesmerised by this dress purely for the fact on how beautiful Belle looked in it. It made her feel like a princess! I wanted to look and feel like a princess too!  I guess all women have dreamt of living and looking like a princess as well. Having the perfect hair, flawless make up and amazing clothes to wear.

But my question, and reason behind this post is How far is too far with dressing up OUTSIDE of the House?

For example, is it okay to have your child dress up in their favourite princess or fairy outfit down at the local shopping centre?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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