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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween, Christmas and shopping centre confusion!

This morning was an interesting time (warp) ....Miss Four was convinced we could still go Trick or Treating this weekend as some of our "Halloween Happy" neighbours had not yet taken down their spider weds, carved pumpkins and scary decorations....."But is it still Halloween mummy"?....
No, that was the other day......and "we" are still eating chocolate for breakfast!

Then we go to our local shopping centre, and guess what....we are greeted by Christmas decorations  swaying from the ceiling, Christmas carols singing through the AV system, and then....a huge decorated Christmas tree awaits us, at the end of the passage.

"Is it Christmas now mummy?"......Oh, how confusing.....yet very exciting.

How do we contain the enthusiasm for another eight weeks or so! xxx

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