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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Rainbow Connection - What does your favourite colour say about you?

RED - Reow!  You're fun, fiery and have a whole lot of spark.  You can be a bit of a drama queen, but your pals love you for being you.  You have strong opinions, so you're not afraid to speak your mind if the time is right.  While you are outgoing, you have a caring side too.

PINK - You're a vibrant young spirit who is gorgeous and girly.  You have the fire of red girls, but also possess a sweet softness that makes you ultra charming to friends and family.  Now and again you catch yourself daydreaming and you love a little dose of romance here and there.  You're a happy soul - truly tickled pink!

YELLOW - Bubbly, bright and just bursting with positive energy, yellow girls are loved by many.  You have an uber-awesome attitude and don't like it when others are down in the dumps.  Just because you have a sunny disposition, doesn't mean you're one dimensional.  You're quirky, creative and oh so cute.

BLUE - Your besties can always count on you because, like the blue sky and sea, you're always there.  You're a strong sista who loves to socialise, but you also like some time alone too.  While you love blue, you don't often have the blues.  Instead, you like to be pretty practical in everything you do.

GREEN - You're a pretty chilled out chica who has a variety of fab friends.  You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, which weaves its way through different parts of your life.  An old soul at heart, you find comfort in the little things - a cup of tea or a good book.  As a green girl you naturally love all things eco-friendly too.

PURPLE - As a purple girl, you don't have to try to be popular.  People naturally gravitate towards that indefinable cool factor that circulates around you.  You're lovable and loyal, so friends flock to you for advice.  You're like a party mix of lollies - an eensy bit mysterious combined with a whole lot of fun!

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