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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hair Clip in, hair clip out ....

Why do 3 year olds demand they have a hair clip, only to slide it off within 2 mins?  I bought my niece some pink clips with a fluffy pom-pom type ball with a couple of sparkly stones on it.  It is very cute and her eyes lit up when she saw it.  Immediately she wanted it in her hair, but it lasted only minutes.  The real attraction was the bending, clipping motion of the metal clip.  That was fun.  She opened and closed it for ages.

Then I found the clips on the floor and put it in my own hair so they wouldn't be lost.  No, that wasn't acceptable.  They were her clips now and not mine.  What right did I have to use her clips?  And so the dance continued.  The clicking, in hair, out of hair, on floor, in my hair again.

I love the drama of doing her hair.  The tiny brush, the fine golden hair that is so soft to touch, the art of placing plaits and pony tails were ever she wants them.  And the final result of multiple clips, ties and headbands that give her Rock Princess cred.  I don't have this with my sons.

The clips finally found a home in her handbag with a toy lizard, two blocks and a tiny book.  At what age do they finally decide to keep the clips in their hair??

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