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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The delight, the sheer delight....!

Birthday morning. Early start to the day. She is wide awake and looking for the BIRTHDAY bonanza!
As she sees the gifts sitting at the end of her bed, she smiles, she giggles and she then shrills with delight!
 "Its my birthday!!". The whole family is now awake.....
Her attention is drawn immediately to the pink parcel, tied up with purple ribbon. She reads he card.
She carefully lifts the tape.
She giggles again, to find in her pretty parcel a Pink Poppy " Decorate A Crown Kit - for her party with 5 of her friends! What a joy, how exciting. The best news after opening this parcel....was that FIVE of her favorite friends were joining her to celebrate her birthday,  complete with party food, games and so much JOY! This was the best birthday EVER......xx

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