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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cooking class……..It’s a cold, wet and grey day outside. The garden party planned for her bestfriend’s birthday has been postposed, due to the force of mother nature. Not a great way to kick start a weekend for her or you! 

What to do…..Hhhmm? Let’s COOK! 

Cooking or baking with little ones is truly an invaluable, educational experience. As much as the mess and the clean-up aftermath may not appeal – the actual practice of home cooking is a joyful skill they may take them well into adulthood. Cooking at home provides a number of great lessons – the art of ingredient choice, nutritional value of food, safety awareness in and around the kitchen, what actually “works” and what doesn’t, cleanliness and tidiness and most of all patience! Cooking with your children also provides you all with a strong connection and loving family bond…..

Here’s to enjoying that wet weekend after all!....xx

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