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Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Spring - let's go outside!

Finally, the sun is shining a little more and the days feel brighter.  It's time to have some outside fun again. 

Go Camping - Pack up your sleeping bag and tent and head out for a camping trip ..... in your backyard!  Spending the night outside under the stars will be an awesome adventure, plus your whole family can join in.  You will need:
  • snacks to munch on
  • a ball to throw around while it's still light
  • board games, books and magazines
  • your portable DVD player so you can have a moonlight cinema
  • don't forget your torch for telling ghost stories when it's dark - or in case you get the spooks in the middle of the night!
Plant a veggie garden - get your green thumbs out and create a veggis patch in your backyard.  all you need is a patch of soil, a shovel and a few packets of seeds.  Hint:  make sure the spot you choose is sunny and pull out any weeds first.  Water your seeds according to the instructions on the packet and before long you'll have a bunch of delish veggies ready for you to pick and eat.  Cool!

Sports Carnival - get active and plan a super silly sports day!  Divide your mates into teams and plan a fun carnival where each team has to compete in a bunch of events to decide the overall winner.  Think of the wackiest sports you can and then plan around six events for everyone to compete in over the day.  Give each team a name and a colour, and get everyone to dress up in their team colours.  Don't forget to keep score too, and award a prize to the winning team!  Silly sports to try ...
  • piggy back races
  • dance off ( points awarded for creativity and funniest moves)
  • three-legged race
  • hopscotch
  • wheelbarrow races
Hold a pet show - invite your pals over for a Pet Show in your backyard.  (Note: ask your parents first and only invite pets if you think they will get along with other animals!)  Lay down a couple of towels on the grass to make a 'pets catwalk'and get each person to walk their pet along the catwalk.  Then, get together and nominate an award for each pet.  You can give whichever awards you like, from Cutest Bark to Fluffiest Pet, but make sure each cute animal gets an award so no one feels left out.

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