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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do you find it hard to keep up at school?

Are you unhappy with your grades, but don't really understand where you're going wrong?  Don't fret, there might be a number of reasons why your homework suffers; maybe you need some help trying to understand the subject properly or perhaps you find it hard to concentrate.  Whatever the issue, read ahead for some simple solutions.

You find a subject really tricky - Pinpoint the subject or area that you find the most difficult, and let your teacher know that you're finding it hard to keep up. Ask for additional homework (practice makes perfect, remember?) and get yourself a tutor to get on track.  A little extra effort will make all the difference and you'll find school a lot easier to tackle.

Homework is boring with a capital B and you're easily distracted - When you're at home, rid yourself of distractions like a blaring TV in the background.  Write a list of what homework needs to be finished each week and give yourself a reward for getting each task done.  Bonus tip:  Make sure you eat a healthy snack beforehand so you can concentrate while you study.

You can ever get organised and keep falling behind - Make a timetable for homework and assignments, and write down the due date for all of them.  It might be a good idea to get a diary so you can jot down anything you have coming up over the following weeks.  Another tip to keep organised is to use a folder to store any loose sheets so you don't lose them.

Cat got your tongue in class - If you are afraid of talking in front of your fellow class members, just remember that no-one will make fun of you and your teacher will appreciate any input you have.  Public speaking can be scary, so if you have a speech coming up, the key is to practice it in front of family members so you can spot any stumbles in advance.  And lastly, take deep breaths to calm you down. 

Reference:  Total Girl June 2011 magazine

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