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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kindy BFF's - what are you bringing to the cartel?

Starting school is a huge milestone for parents and your child.  Nearing the end of Term 1, here are some observations I have made about my little ones habits at developing friendships and his approach to kindy.

1.  Friends - my child has become BFF with two other children.  He says he is friends with everyone in his class, even some girls.  But these two mates are all he talks about and he can't wait to get to school to see them.
2. Cartel - the three friends have devised ways of convinving their parents to provide three treats for morning tea.  It appears 3 lolly snakes can build unshakable friendships in kindy.
3.  News day - photos, favourite toys, creations made from sticks and string - all of these are fantastic talking points for class news and also show others in his class what he is interested in.
4.  Writing - on the first day he could only write his name, now everyday there is an opportunity to write.  Yesterday he made an easter card for his 2 x BFF and stuck a sealife shaped rubber band on the inside, and a 20c coin.  On the weekend he copied the words off the cereal box and everyday he wants to copy the name of his reader into his school diary.
5.  Independence - Hooray, now he understands what must happen every day to get ready for school.  The picture list has done it's job, but he is very impressed with himself that he no longer has to look at it.
6.  Holidays - he is excited that Easter is coming, but wants confirmation that we can arrange a couple of playdates with his BFF's, still read books, colour in and write words.

So now only has he learnt about the 3 R's, I think he 's learnt some lessons in life.  And I couldn't be prouder!!!

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  1. You send lolly snakes for a morning tea treat to kindy? And not just for you own child but for other children....I'm shocked your kindy lets your child eat them let alone give them to other children. Not what I'd call a sound morning choice treat...haven't you heard of fruit?