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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fairy Party Games

Pin the star on the fairy's wand. (like pin the tale on the donkey)

Tooth Fairy or Fairy Treasure Hunt.  The Tooth Fairy had been flying over and was so busy watching the fairy party she crashed into a tree in the garden and dropped some money. She told Fairy Godmother that if fairies helped to "clean up" they could keep coins they found (in their own treasure bags). There will be great excitment in finding all of the coins and this will keep the fairies busy while the fairy picnic (afternoon tea) is being laid out. Fairies then return to the Fairy Castle for picnic and birthday cake.

Fairy Tag (Similar to Stuck in the Mud), one fairy has a special "freeze" wand and another a special "fly free" wand. This is a great fairy party game for using up energy and increasing appetite.

Fairy Scavenger Hunt. Put the guests into pairs accompanied by a Fairy Helper. Tell them that the Queen Fairy had her house blown away and needs some help from the fairies and elves to rebuild it. Make up little bags that have a list stapled to them, asking them to find the following: 3 brown leaves (for the roof of the house), 2 stones (for the floor), 2 green leaves (for the walls) and something shiny such as cellophane (for the windows) and lastly 2 twigs (for the door). They are to bring them all back put it all into a big bag and the Fairy Helpers would take it home to the Queen Fairy. Make sure you have plenty of leaves, stones and cellophane strategically placed around for the fairies and elves to find!

Fairy Activities. Set up an activity table and make some tiaras or fairy wands from cardboard and glitter.

Fairy Freeze - Play some fairy music (source from your local library if you don't already have some at home). Dance around the fairy circle - guests practice fairy flying, fluttering, swooping, gliding etc. Use the same theme as for 'musical statues'.

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