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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do you want to be a princess like Kate?

Seeing Will and Kate get married is a true fairytale, and I'm sure thousands of mums and daughters shared in their dream while watching their wedding secretly wishing they were Kate.

Most of us will have to continue to dream about marrying a prince and living the fairytale.  If you need some trimmings to help you set the mood, Pink Poppy have come to the rescue.

The Essential Princess range has just launched.  With a fashion direction from the Valentino Ruffle, the Essential Princess range was influenced by the vintage oversized flower trend.  It features a large layered silky flower witha  sculpted velvet rose centre.

It includes a shoulder and drawstring handbag coupled with a clip purse and also a gift box.  It combines a feminine flourish of fushia and violet hues witha  girlie look.

The Princess Essential Girl character was the inspiration for the matching dress up costumes.  The dress is available in hot pink or lilac in two sizes.  It has a sequinned bodice and large hooped skirt perfect for spinning around.

Of course these items can be combined with Pink Poppys range of jewellery and hair accessories to create the perfect princess look.

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