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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The postman and the doorbell

So many little ones love the concept of the postman.  This special person who rides a motorbike and delivers the mail to your letterbox.  Kids at preschool are always playing postman and making their own mail to post and retrieve.  It's the same with the doorbell.  It is fancinating that someone is coming to your house - who could it be??  And of course, there is always a fight as to who gets to ring the doorbell when you visit somebody.

I recently heard a story of a mum who put a princess doorbell on the playroom for her daughter.  Now Mum has to ring the doorbell and wait for little miss to answer and open the door.  Of course, this game never gets old as mum always has to be a different person - from Nana to the milkman, to a favourite teddy coming to visit.

It is great that something so small can brighten a childs day.

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