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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Perfect Nails

Give Mum a treat this weekend!!  Give her a manicure.

The trick to mastering the manicure is to remember there are three coats you need for your nails to really last.  The first is called a base coat, which helps your nail colour to stay on for longer.  After that dries, it's time for the fun part- the colour!!  Put two coats on to really make them POP!  When that dries, put a top coat on, which is clear polish that helps to stop your nails from chipping.

There is even a new nail polish called Have a Heart by Nicole OPI that has hearts floating in the polish so when you paint your nails, little hearts are applied. 

For all the little girls, Pink Poppy have a fastastic range of nail polish that doesn't have any nastys, and comes off in one piece.  PERFECT!!!!

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