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Monday, August 9, 2010

Winter is so cool! Here are 10 reasons why .......

1. Drinking mugs of hot chocolate in the evening .... OK, and in the morning and arvo too.

2. Escaping the cold by having movie marathons with your besties.

3. Adding pretty hats and scarves to your outfits - they are the perfect pratical accessory.

4. Eating yummy winter fruits like applies, oranges and kiwifruits - they are tip top right now.

5. Splashing through puddles in a pair of cute printed gumboots.

6. Getting crafty while it's cold. It's the perfect time to try some DIY so learn how to knit and develop your scrapbooking skills.

7. Cold weather is the perfect excuse to bury yourself ina good book.

8. Taking in the crisp winter air, there's nothing quite like it.

9. Having scrumptious soups! Chunky pumpkin with a dollop of yougurt is oh so yum.

10. Listening to the rain pitter patter outside while you're all rugged up in bed with your teddies - makes us sooooo happy!

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