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Monday, August 30, 2010

My Child website - MyStyle thinks Pink Poppy is Tea-licious!

Pop in for tea? Words Lee Tobin from My Style 23 August 2010

Thanks to Tim Burton’s recent take on Alice in Wonderland, the tea party is back in all its fanciful, scone and cucumber sandwich glory. While your child may not yet be ready to incorporate caffeine into their diet, there are other ways to embrace this sweet trend. Besides, any beverage tastes delicious out of a teacup! Now, let’s think attire. Fancy clothes are easy, but what about the appropriate bag? This is where Pink Poppy comes into play. With a cutesy dash of “grandma chic”, its new Signature collection includes these gorgeous purses clutches and bags. So before you scour the kitchen for a teapot, head over to

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